We do not recommend Chinese heat presses with our products. The reasons for this are as set out below.

Difference between digital readout and heat plate:

On a Chinese heat press the difference between what the digital thermometer screen readout is and the temperature on the hot plate that gets heated can be as much as 15°C out. E.g. The digital screen could read out 150°C but the heat plate itself could be as much as 165°C.

Heat / Power regulation:

On one of our American / European heat presses the thermostat that regulates the heat on the hot plate / turns the power on when it needs heating can hold the heat pressing temperate in a 2-4°C range (depending on the press). Where as with a Chinese press this usually is between 30-50°C. This means a Chinese heat press can get as low as 40°C below what it is set to before it starts heating up again. In other words a Chinese press thermostat turns the power on and off over a 40°C range while an American/European press thermostat keeps the press within 2-4°C of what its set to.

Heat Distribution on Hot plate: 

The even heat distribution across the hot plate of a heat press is very important. In other words if the middle is a lot hotter than the edges this can lead to big problems.  On a GeoKnight heat press for example it is +/- 2°C. In other words the heat from the centre of the hot plate to the out edge on an American/European press varies 1-2°C. Where as with a Chinese heat press it varies as much as 10°C.

Heat recovery of element:

Each time you press a garment the heat plate loses a little bit of heat and the garment gains some. With an American / European heat press it can recover heat at such a rate that even at max production the most amount of heat they can lose is 2-4°C. Where as Chinese heat presses lack this ability to recover heat and they often do not press at optimal heat for long or need long periods of rest between presses.

To conclude:

98% of our several hundred customers have either an American or European press that costs $3000.00 or more. The reason for this is really simple, A several hundred dollar Chinese press is not adequate. For example if your glue is insufficiently melted then after the third wash or so your heat press logo can start lifting. If it the heat press logo is over heated this shows through blistering, etc. Also if it is heated to long at to higher temperature, the glue over melts and this can also lead to lifting.